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C is for Clarissa (and also for Crap)

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I have lots of C’s today. I have a Cold, which is making meC Cranky because I feel like Crap*. (I also discovered that the true definition of “mature adult” is “going to work when you feel like you’ve had your brains sucked out of your ear and then stuffed up your nose, then been hit by a train, eaten by a rabid dog, and puked up again — because gosh darn it, you’ve got bills to pay”.) C also stands for Crazy, which explains why Clarissa has been Chattering in my brain all day, bugging me to do something Creative (which I haven’t done, on account of aforementioned Crappiness). I’ve also been Complaining a lot, in case you hadn’t noticed.

But since I ought to be taking this Challenge seriously (and not just throwing random Capitalized words starting with C throughout my post, which I’m going to Cease doing now. Honest.), I’ll introduce my A to Z challenge visitors to Clarissa.

You may have noticed the name of my blog is “Ham and Potatoes” — and if you haven’t, scroll up. It’s written in the big letters at the top of the page. The Ham is for me, Hammlington. The Potatoes is what I fondly call the alternate versions of the creature that is me, with Clarissa being the embodiment of my artistic/distracted/odd side. She’s responsible for the poetry and the drawings I post on my blog. And since I’m dedicating this post to her, I’ll share some examples:


dragon IMG_2093 manga - Jackson 2 crapaliciouswebcamBabyNassanWIP IMG_2097 drawing - Duckling 3 drawing - hug IMG_2094 dragon - Flight

Fevered Dreams

The howl of the moon
The depth of the sun
The universe spread above
With stars falling
Like a broken heart’s tears

The darkness writhes
The sunshine, blinding
And all that’s left of the world
Is stone crumbling
Into the desert waste


(Random bonus C: one of my favorite songs is “Cemeteries of London” by Coldplay.)

What C word do you feel like today? Do you know any magical cures for a cold? Are rambling posts okay, or should I stick to posting fiction? What is your favorite song that starts with C?

You know what else starts with C? Comments! And also cacidrosis, but that doesn’t anything to do with this post.

*I apologize if the word “crap” offends anyone. I generally try to avoid swear words, even borderline ones, but some days slinging variations of the word “poo” around just makes you feel better. Plus, it starts with C.

About Hammlington

Hammlington, the Ham of the blog, is the public face of the creature that is Me. Though Ham claims the title of All Powerful Blog Administrator and Supreme Ruler of Awesomeness (c), Hammlington's main responsibility lies as Potato Wrangler. The Blog:

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  1. Rambling posts are fine — in fact, they’re great sometimes because they show the true thought processes of a creative mind. (I’m not just saying that because my own posts ramble much of the time.)

    I vaguely recall reading a story (novel chapter? something about “witches and onion sandwiches”) way back in elementary school that mentioned the main character trying onion sandwiches — RAW onions, mind you — as a magical cure for a cold. Now, I happen to LIKE raw onions, and they’re delicious with cheese on a sandwich, but I don’t know if they’d cure a cold. Open up your sinuses, almost certainly, but the effect could be too brief to be worth it.

    I don’t know if I have a FAVORITE song that starts with C — I’m not good at choosing a single favorite anything, usually — but one I really like is “Come Talk to Me” by Peter Gabriel.

    • (I apologize for taking so long to reply to your comment…explanations shall be offered in my newest blog post.)

      The true thought processes of a creative mind, eh? (And that was my inner Canadian coming out. Everyone’s got one, don’t deny it.) I’m not sure whether to feel intensely pleased at finding a legitimate excuse to ramble in my posts, or to feel mildly ashamed of my exhausted hyper-thoughts.

      Onions. I have heard so many things about the “curing” capabilities of onions that I’m inclined to disbelieve them, just on the principle of cynicism (or possibly just because I like to be argumentative). But I like onions anyway, so maybe I’ll try it next time.

  2. That first dragon picture is absolutely stunning! And I know what you mean by “mature adult”… I also now know the meaning of “being responsible (the boss)”, that is, going to work even when you’re puking every hour or so from food poisoning, and still teaching all of your classes with a smile. In a country that calls in sick for EVERYTHING.

    Alex Hurst, fantasy author in Japan, participating in Blogging A-Z April Challenge.

    • Thank you! I admit, that drawing is one of my favorites — though I can’t claim credit for the original design, as I expanded on a drawing done by NeonDragon. (I tried to find a link to the original so you could compare, but I couldn’t find it on her website.)

      And adulthood is just a bundle of fun, isn’t it? Bills, taxes, work, responsibility… Oh, the sweetest of joys.

  3. Very nice. Some great drawings you have there. Sorry about the cold and hope you feel better soon. I guess the C I feel like today is… commenter (cause sleepy and lazy don’t start with C).

    A to Z commenter
    Reading at Dawn blog

    • Thank you! I’m reasonably proud of my artwork, but I get this nagging feeling that I could be much better if I ever actually just sat down to draw. I ought to take a class or something, for motivation. And how about…comatose?

  4. So very funny! I sure hope you feel better though. I love the artwork too.
    (following on WP)
    Lexa Cain’s Blog

  5. i love the artwork! so gorgeous. the post was exceptional. =D


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